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25. February 2023

BACnet/SC: Simply explained

BACnet/SC (BACnet Secure Connect) heralds a new era in modern IT infrastructure. Thus, it is finally possible to encrypt the approximately 25 million BACnet devices installed worldwide due to the one hundred percent compatibility with already existing BACnet IP or BACnet MS/TP networks. Complicated BBMD...

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17. February 2023

Energy optimization in existing buildings

Energy consumption in German buildings is too high! The German government has therefore set itself the goal of reducing heating requirements in buildings by 80% by 2050. If this goal is to be achieved, there is no way around the mass refurbishment of existing buildings.

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17. February 2023

LoRaWAN in building automation

In the field of building automation, LoRaWAN enables the simple and efficient post-digitization of existing buildings. The LoRa infrastructure can also be integrated into the building during operation without major effort. The aim is to significantly reduce operating costs through the use of modern technology...

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