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Special offer price for the DEOS SAM CO2 indoor air quality indicator

14. March 2022
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This is how cost-effectively you can keep an eye on your indoor air quality

Seize this opportunity and take advantage of the DEOS SAM special offer. This special offer is valid from 15 March 2022 until 30 April 2022, and you’ll receive the DEOS SAM CO2 indoor air quality indicator at a special offer price of only €199 plus VAT.

With its built-in multi-sensor, the DEOS SAM indoor air quality indicator analyses the room air quality and shows the results using a three-stage traffic light system. In this way, you can keep a close eye on the indoor air quality and ensure targeted and effective ventilation. Thanks to LoRaWAN wireless networking, there is also the option of using SAM from DEOS to provide an intelligent total solution with clever additional functions.

Benefit from this special offer now and request a quotation without obligation

Take advantage of the DEOS SAM special offer now and discover the numerous benefits of the DEOS SAM CO2 indoor air quality indicator that can do much more. DEOS experts are looking forward to your inquiries. We’ll be happy to prepare a personalised quotation for you.

Let us introduce you to the DEOS SAM CO2 indoor air quality indicator

Thomas Patzelt

SAM from DEOS as a stand-alone device

With the DEOS SAM CO2 indoor air quality indicator you can keep an eye on the current room air quality at all times. As a plug & play stand-alone device, SAM from DEOS is ready for use immediately and without any technical expertise. The three-stage traffic light system indicates the current room air quality. As soon as the indicator light turns yellow, ventilation is recommended. Should the traffic light indicator turn red, it is imperative to ventilate the room. Whenever the traffic light indicator is green, the windows can be closed. In this way, SAM from DEOS guarantees demand-based ventilation for everyone. To provide a complete picture of the indoor air quality, in addition to the CO2 concentration, SAM from DEOS also measures the room temperature and humidity. When compared to ventilating at fixed ventilation intervals, using SAM from DEOS will reduce your energy consumption and the associated costs. Users of the room are provided with a sense of added safety and the obligation for verification becomes a cakewalk.

Thomas Patzelt

Additional functions for a comprehensive solution

The DEOS SAM can be cost-effectively expanded via LoRaWAN for a comprehensive solution. Using a gateway, the collected sensor data (CO2, temperature, humidity) are stored in the DEOS cloud (hosted in Germany). Data can be exported from the cloud as trend reports and printed, or retrieved via the DEOS room air app. With the aid of the app or a standard browser, simultaneous mobile monitoring of several rooms is possible by those responsible. In addition, existing ventilation systems (VAC systems) can be readily incorporated, so that the VAC system will automatically control the supply of fresh air and ensure optimum indoor air quality at all times.

Advantages of SAM from DEOS

High quality level
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Made in Germany, robust stainless steel housing, 8 LEDs with a CO2 indicator that can be easily read

Real CO2 measurement
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No false alarms will be triggered due to smells caused by cooking, food or perfume

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Thanks to plug & play no technical expertise is required. The indicator lights can be easily understood even by the youngest among us

Additional benefits
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Optionally adjustable acoustic alarm, Kensington antitheft lock, as a wall-mounted or tabletop device with a power supply unit or a portable power bank, low-noise operation

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One device for everything: measurement of CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity; use as a room sensor

Optional wireless networking
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LoRaWAN enables the recording of data in the cloud and incorporation into any existing building automation system

This is how to take advantage of the special SAM offer from DEOS

Are you interested in taking advantage of the special SAM offer from DEOS? Do you need a large number of devices or are you planning for a customized LoRaWAN solution? Our experts are looking forward to your inquiries. We’ll be happy to prepare a personalised quotation for you.

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