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The all-rounders for versatile use in your GA projects. The OPEN 810 EMS (BACnet Building Controller) and the OPEN 710 EMS (proprietary) are ideally suited for demanding GA projects and the control of multiple building services systems.

Product highlights

With the OPEN 810 EMS and OPEN 710 EMS, you benefit from numerous features and advantages. Discover them now.

  • Made in Germany

    Guaranteed high quality and durability through production on our own innovative SMD production line.

  • Frei programmierbar

    Ensures maximum flexibility in your projects.

  • 2 Ethernet Ports

    Enable easy on-site maintenance without communication outages and serial (daisy chain) cabling of controllers reduces cabling overhead.

  • Zeitsparende Programmierung

    Save up to 90% of your plant programming time with DEOS libraries.

  • Onboard-GLT/-MBE

    Equipped with integrated HTML5 web server OPENview for plant visualization.

  • IT-Sicherheit

    Highest possible operational security through redundant system design, HTTPS and integrated firewall.

  • Hutschienenmontage

    The top-hat rail mounting enables easy integration into the control cabinet on site.

  • Zertifiziert

    Multiple certified according to international standards such as AMEV / BTL.

  • IoT- & Cloud-Ready

    Ready to use the DEOS GLT OPENweb Cloud and the pro.Building Suite IoT platform.

  • Skalierbar

    Simple expansion of the controllers by means of IO modules.

  • Controller at a glance

    Der OPEN 810 EMS BACnet Controller und OPEN 710 EMS Controller (proprietär) sind mit bis zu 512 physikalischen Datenpunkten zur Regelung von mehreren gebäudetechnischen Anlagen entwickelt und konzipiert – zu 100% made in Germany. Die Automationsstationen sind frei oder mit unseren zeitsparenden Bibliotheken programmierbar. Mit den drei verschiedenen Varianten können je nach Projektgröße 5, 12 oder sogar 32 OPEN IO-Module an die Automationsstation angeschlossen werden. Ob in einzelnen Gebäuden oder im Liegenschaftsportfolio – der OPEN 810 EMS / OPEN 710 EMS ist das passende Produkt!

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