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Hotel Golserhof

, Italien
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This elegant hotel is surrounded by fruit trees, vineyards and a National Park. Besides the typical Merano cuisine, the four-star-hotel offers a relaxing massage with a comfortable and luxurious Wellness centre.

A OPEN 700 EMS automation station controls the hotel. This includes particularly:

  • the waterside loading and unloading of 3 residual heat buffers
  • the fresh hot water production by high performance service water charging system
  • 1 gas condensing boiler
  • a heated indoor- and outdoor pool
  • 1 pre-control circuit for ventilation systems
  • 5 weather-compensated mixing circuits
  • 1 gas-block power station 30 kW electrical power and 68 kW thermal power

Especially the high performance service water charging system ensures a comfort, which is expected by the guests of a hotel of this class. The winter sports tourists, who come back from skiing have the possibility to take a warm shower in their rooms at any time, regardless of the number of guests who use this service at the same time or the time of day. This ensures an intelligent control as well as the installation of a powerful automation station. The webserver OPENview allows remote maintenance via Internet.

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