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Hotel Victory, Therme Erding

, Deutschland
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The Erding thermal springs, with its adjacent open air pool, sets itself apart from average recreation activities with its spectacular hotel complex. The Victory hotel boasts a meticulously-maintained nautical decor and together with the Venetian palazzo, offers a total of 128 guest rooms. This makes each guest in the noble cabins feel like he is on a luxury yacht or a windjammer.

DEOS AG enhanced these luxuriously furnished hotel rooms with a comprehensive single room solution featuring a FCU, central ventilation and OPENweb. Each hotel room is equipped with a FCU unit that together with the central supply air and extract air installation ensures a pleasant stay. A particularly special highlight here is the interaction between the DEOS products and the “Sihot” hotel management software. It allows the implementation of a wide range of scenarios, such as fresh air circulation. In addition, every guest can operate a user tablet on the room wall to control the lighting and shading as well as the temperature and ventilation. A special app was developed to operate this tablet. It communicates with the controller over a special security concept. It also provides technicians with remote access to the control units and single room solutions.

All these comprehensive and state-of-the-art room functions ensure that every hotel guest can enjoy maximum comfort at all times. They of course also provide the operator with energy-optimized, straightforward options for handling the complex technical building systems.

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