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Marston’s Pub

ganz UK
, Großbritannien
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With a total of 6 breweries and around 1,600 pubs, Marston’s is the largest British operator of breweries and pubs. Together with our English partner SH Controls, several pubs have already been equipped with DEOS technology. The boilers, pumps and HWS tanks are already being controlled. In the future, the 4-zone underfloor heating will also be controlled by the DEOS system. The MSTP protocol has been used for the connection. With this last step the pubs are completely demand-oriented and save the customer energy and costs.

OPEN 600 EMS were used for the conversion. These offer considerable advantages for our partner:

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy and fast integration with third-party devices
  • Already integrated HTML graphics
  • Due to the built-in emergency manual operation, the system can easily be overridden by maintenance companies during maintenance work and an alarm is sent immediately
  • The software-controlled emergency hand controls also allow the controller to be reset to automatic mode from a distance, thus saving long travel times and costs

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