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MORECO cold storage

, Libanon
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MORECO offers a wide variety of cold storage facilities to meet the respective requirements. The entire warehouse spans a total surface area of 13,000 m² and provides 30,000 m³ of storage space. Temperatures down to -25 degrees Celsius can be achieved. With a cooling capacity of 150% in standby mode, MORECO guarantees safe storage for its customers under all conditions.

In this special climatic environment, DEOS AG provided the building management system, including the complete control and monitoring of the cold rooms and cooling system. The temperature and humidity in the 31 cold storage rooms, the 5 groups of refrigeration compressors, the electricity meter and the gas, water and oil pressure are monitored in an integrated manner. In the event of deviations or malfunctions, the responsible staff are notified directly by e-mail so that they can act quickly and effectively. In addition to our DDC controllers 810 and 600, 10 of our OPEN IO modules were also used.


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